Developing Top Quality Software

Developing software such as a game or office-based application can be time consuming and expensive.  Knowing what it is you want to develop, if there is already a solution out there on the market and if the plm system architecture that you will use to have the product completed is the right one for your tasks.

Programming language

Deciding on the programming language is vital to your success and the overall viability of your application.  Many applications are now cloud based and as such will be run online.  Will your application need to be run in the cloud, or will a mobile solution be more viable?  Deciding on the language used such as PHP, JavaScript, Ruby and more need to be decided at the start of the process.

Use cases

Who will use the application?  Will the application be an internal application that works on your own private servers or will it be a commercial application that will be run on a wide variety of hardware configurations and operating systems?


plm system architecture

How often will you need to upgrade the software?  Will these updates be regular and delivered automatically or will people need to purchase software?  How about the beta testing of your product?  How long do you feel it will take to get your product out onto the market and will those who use it want to use it?


Security in any application is very critical.  There are hackers and crackers out there just working day in and day out to grab data and information.  They do this for their own financial gain and entertainment.  Making sure that whatever it is that you crate is secure needs to be given top priority.  Failure to lock down your application from the start will lead to security holes throughout the program.