Why Porch Or Patio Deck Needs To Be Elevated

elevated deck

The porch and patio spaces of the residential property are two of the most attractive features. This attraction is of equal relevance to the commercial space and it is these areas that many property owners and their guests look forward to retreating to for a period of relaxation and recreation and socializing. And for many, the elevated deck is going to be regarded as something of a luxury, easily forgetting the important risk management motivations that will be implied.

As its very name implies, the elevated deck system is always going to be at a certain height above the ground. It can be just a few feet above ground level. It could also be one or two stories high. This sort of height equates to the apartment balcony, but apart from the luxury of providing panoramic views of the property’s surroundings, it is also serving one or two important functions from a risk management point of view.

It is usual to find an elevated deck being built for properties that lie along a slope. It is what is called level-pegging or leveling the plain. The deck can be walked across as comfortably and easily as it would when walking across a normal floor on ground level. The elevated deck system is also being applied to those residential properties and hotel complexes (guest houses included) that are on or near a flood plain.

So by the time above-average rainfall does fall long and hard enough to cause potential flooding, the elevated patio or porch space is being protected. It is not unusual to find an entire property being built to scale although the engineering component of the architectural work will be complex to ensure that the system works.